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We are the law, you bloody clowns

My non-fandom bff, of all people, told me to update my LJ more last night, so here I am complying. The last class I have on Tuesdays and Thursday is biology and there is just no possible way that after being in two heavy discussion classes I'm going to pay actual attention once I get to the powerpoint lecture with notes posted online. YEAH, RIGHT.

School continues to go really fucking well. I mean, cross your fingers, knock on wood, but it's fourth week and smooth sailing so far.

My teacher just said getting tested for prostate cancer is "trendy" right now. (??)

Blah, the problem is that I just have nothing to talk about these days. I have been through, in quick succession, in the past few weeks:

  • A serious Fast and the Furious phase, which has resulted in my intense devotion to Vin Diesel as a human being. Please don't ask me how many pictures of him I have saved on my computer, I might cry.

  • A Life on Mars episode watching phase. Continuing my long tradition of loving characters who are nothing like me, I want to marry Gene motherfucking Hunt on the astral plane. I want to follow him around and watch him punch people for always.

  • A Life on Mars fic phase. That's an interesting fandom! They have their own car-themed rating system! They beat up Sam Tyler A LOT. I really wish H/C was my kink, because ka-ching.

  • A continuing Merlin fic phase. The great thing about Merlin fandom is that it requires absolutely no mental acrobatics as a longterm slash fan. It plugs right into the tradition, no jumps, no shocks. I honestly don't mean this as an insult: it is the box-mix-brownies of fandoms, always there when you want it and always filling in the way you expect.

  • This isn't a phase, but I continue to keep up religiously with HIMYM and 30 Rock, which I genuinely consider the best two shows on television.

Talk to me about one of these things or something from your own current lists, flist! I promise to actually reply to comments for once and not be an unmitigated scrub. Plus I'm going to go back and reply to some old comments so, uh, don't pass out from shock. /o\

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[identity profile] loveyouallwrong.livejournal.com 2009-04-21 11:20 pm (UTC)(link)
I literally bring it up every second I can.

Futurefic! (http://mosca.livejournal.com/186356.html)
actually, all of her fic (http://mosca.livejournal.com/326318.html#cutid12)
"Why I Should Not Be Forced to Play Esther," by Paris Geller, aged 11 (http://community.livejournal.com/purimgifts/6537.html)
guiltywrong paris/rory! (http://lowercasek.mediawood.net/femslash05.htm)
a luke/lorelai i like (http://jae-w.livejournal.com/91698.html?style=mine#cutid1)
lol lorelai (http://www.mandysbitch.com/fic/someoneleft.htm)
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[identity profile] kalpurna.livejournal.com 2009-04-22 03:55 pm (UTC)(link)
om nom nom, thank you! I was so into this damn show at one point that I didn't watch Buffy S6 because it aired at the same time. AND I WAS A FRIGGIN' SPIKE/BUFFY SHIPPER.