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so we just got the first mix of one of our new songs. We always referred to it as Smash it Up, because the chorus goes .... ... smash it up.... But then, one of the shelf kids said we should name our album "Pete Wentz is the only reason we're famous." And we said "Fuck you kid! We're also famous because of Patrick Stump." But we did like how that title rolled off our tongues. So we decided to name this song that. Because it talks about our cocks. See youon tour!


YOU KNOW WHO I LOVE ALMOST AS MUCH AS I LOVE PETE WENTZ?? PEOPLE WHO LOVE PETE WENTZ. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is a headliner on this list. She thinks it's pretty sexy when Pete drinks his own pee. My favorite thing about this fandom will always be the way that we joke about stuff that turns out not to be the actual truth.
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posted by [personal profile] kalpurna at 06:55pm on 31/03/2009
So, I'm ENTIRELY packed for MJ on Thursday, which I realize may be normal for some organized people, but which is NOT normal for me. I can't remember the last time I had any sort of time interval between packing and leaving for the airport. It is safe to say that I am excited.

ETA: What a pitiful excuse for a post. Ummm, what else is new. My friend from high school came and hung out in Chicago last weekend, which was fantastic and he is the best. My classes this quarter look to be fucking ridiculously great, from what I've seen so far. I've been really nostalgic about Fast and the Furious slash lately because they've got that sequel thing coming out and the trailer is full of hilarious amounts of sexual tension. Although it will be hard to live up to the gayness of the first one, amirite?
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I drove into Philly last night (and DIDN'T DIE IN A CAR ACCIDENT or even get a TICKET although I did get myself into a situation where I needed to navigate a 17 point turn in a parking lot (this is not an exaggeration) and a group of young Asian men laughed at me) and had dinner with [livejournal.com profile] riadsala and [livejournal.com profile] quettaser in Chinatown, and it was LOVELY. I need to make myself actually do shit more often because I always have fun when I do. The other day I called Meela and asked if she were free to hang out, and when she said yes, when can I pick you up, I was like, actually I'm really sleepy and I think I'm going to take a nap, even though I called you? These are the reasons I am glad it's difficult to defriend someone in real life.

My grades so far are really good. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a massive relief. No matter how many classes I actually attend and assignments I actually turn in I still feel like I'm going to get to the end of the quarter and fail. You know that nightmare where it's finals week and you haven't attended a single class and you don't even know if there was a midterm? That fear is scarier when it's already happened in real life.

Anyway, MJ is coming up hella soon! I am apparently corunning a panel HA HA WHAT. This is going to be potentially interesting, since the only course I've taken so far on sociolinguistics is one of the courses from the nightmare I mentioned above. I also haven't chosen which cleavage-baring and/or sparkly items to wear. My life, so hard.
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Ummm Pete Wentz drank his own pee again and I didn't know about it until now? SPRING BREAK, BE HERE FASTER.
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Hey, I wasn't going to say anything about it because if there was ever a conversation in which my contribution is going to be trivial and inadequate, this the one. But I've been reminded that in situations like this silence is a statement supporting the status quo. So I'd just like to mention in public that I've been learning a crazy amount from obsessively clicking on every one of [livejournal.com profile] rydra_wong's links, that I'm revolted by the actions and statements of the professional side of SF fandom, and that in my perpetual quest to learn how to be both smarter and less of a douchebag this has been a time of really exciting progress.

Comments turned off because this is more of a forward than a post of my own. (If you just want a summary of (the early bit of) what I'm referring to, here's one.)
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So, I've been avoiding posting about this because I was trying to keep it a secret from [livejournal.com profile] loveyouallwrong, to the point of nearly bribing [livejournal.com profile] impertinence, but I've been watching a whole bunch of Criminal Minds. The secret-keeping ended the other day when I was talking to her on the phone and accidentally shared my thoughts on CM ships. It took me a few seconds to recognize that the quiet on the other end of the line had changed from simple listening silence to HORRIBLE CHARGED SILENCE DRIPPING WITH DOOM. Whatever, Lea! I'm not really in that fandom at all! LEA DON'T LEAVE ME I'M PREGNANT.

Anyway so my thoughts on CM ships are basically summed up as follows:

- all of the Morgan/Garcia
- all of the Reid/hot people, seriously, just all of them need to fuck Reid all the time ALWAYS
- even more Morgan/Garcia, but this time epically long and with sex pollen.

This is one of those fandoms that I seriously don't understand because the potential audience is GIGANTIC, half of my flist watches it and the other half would do so if forced to experience ten minutes of Spencer Reid, and yet there are approximately three fics. What is the deal with that? I don't know! They need to get their hands on some of the growth hormones Merlin fandom is producing in its meth lab basement.

FLISTERS WHO DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW: for a good time, google "Matthew Gray Gubler" and click on the first link. And also watch this. I DARE you not to love him. I fucking dare you.
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HEY GUYS I GOT A CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT like two weeks ago. I don't know why I've been so revoltingly terrible at LJ lately, but it needs to END, so I will use the internet for what it is made for: boring personal details and also cats.


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To whoever gave me the v-gift: thank you!!! ♥♥ You are adorable, it is adorable, and it made my day.


  • I really want an icon that says J'MAPPELLE ANGEL JE SUIS LOSER. Because I have watched that cast video diary eleventyfour times. And so the balance is restored to nature.

  • I have been reading a LOT of Merlin fic. Like... a lot. )

  • I also keep having odd mental moments of crossover between bandom and Merlin, usually caused by [livejournal.com profile] loveyouallwrong. For instance... )

  • School makes me weary, news of the new administration makes me joyous. I know we can't put all our eggs in one guy's political basket, I know, but ooooohhhh does it feel good to be tempted. And how cute was Hillary going to the State Department for the first time? SO CUTE.

  • How retro is it, speaking of Merlin again, to have your fic characters angst about gayness? ) P.S. putting this quote in this post required me to search my Gmail archives for "in my butt." (32 results, just for the record, which seems low.)

  • As I mentioned I am finally back to having all my icons and in celebration I will use the most inappropriate of them all. \o/ MJ 2009 HERE I COME
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Soooo I've been watching a lot of Merlin. )